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I call in spirit guides to help me intuitively move and apply energy healing where it is most needed. I now recognize these gifts and have embraced my mystic abilities as part of my path into complete wholeness in healing.

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Heal through the process of creating your own Mandala.

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23650 Woodward Ave

Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069

Sunday 9am-5pm

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As soon as Kristi walked through my door, I asked her "Where have you been? I have been waiting for someone like you to work along side me with your abilities.

Deborah J Smith - Motown Medium™
Metro Detroit

Kristi Has the ability to tap right in to your energy field and the Reiki work that she does is so profound. Truly gifted!

Rich Wright
Metro Detroit

I was going through some pretty intense fatigue due to work stressors, insomnia, weight struggles and feeling run down.  I had a conversation with Kristi and she asked if I would be interested in Health Coaching.  I was a bit skeptical as I wasn’t familiar with this process, but decided to give it a try.  After my first session with Kristi I was impressed.  I had no idea what a delightful experience this would be.  Kristi focused on finding solutions with life balance.  We talked about how I was feeling, what could have been the source of my symptoms and helped me redirect my energy to focus on and unlock positivity, emotional focus, and spirituality.  I now thrive on being more present with my emotions.  I now practice breathing techniques and meditation.  I’m feeling more mentally clear.  I’ve began working out, engaging in healthy eating (losing 28 lbs so far), and creating healthy boundaries with all relationships both professional and personal.  Kristi’s sessions with me has helped me focus on the positive energy that exists in by world and to compartmentalize the negative energy.  I certainly feel encouraged, lighter, and more focused.  Kristi is a master at her craft. 

Maggie P.
Metro Detroit