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When I was a small child I was always out in nature exploring a nearby wooded area bringing home wild creatures to observe their mannerisms. I have always had a passion for taking care of pets and animals in general and children. Even as a child I would protect the other children on the playground if they were being bullied or hurt. I would fight off the bullies; once they left I would just skip off to rejoin in whatever activity I had been doing. My concern for the wellbeing of every living thing has never ceased.

 Being a Certified Third Degree Reiki Practitioner and Teacher provides me the ability to heal through the very energetic essence that connects us to nature and to mother earth. I often receive intuitive connections to provide you an added service of a reading. Loved ones, relatives and or your spirit guides often come through during a reiki session as I invite them to come with your permission of course. We connect and work together to bring your energy balance.  I am also an Ordained Minister, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. 

 I maintain a strong connection and commitment to God and am able to call in angels and spirit guides to aide me in your healing sessions. 

 I am naturally gifted in the “clairs”. 


-clear seeing or having visions presented in my mind’s eye or the third eye chakra.


-Clear hearing: hearing messages from the spirit realm directly to my mind.

-sensing emotion: a sensing or feeling emotion from an individual or a spirit. Clairsentience-commonly called a gut feeling or intuition. I can sense or feel emotions from the spirit both positive and negative. These feelings come as warnings of danger or they can also come as warning of joy and happy instances.


-Sense of smell. A smell not smelled by others in the same room or area that is connected to a spirit that may make sense to the person or persons connected to the spirit. Such as cigarette smoke may be connected to a deceased loved one. 


-Sense of taste. A taste of something related to a loved one in spirit form. Such as my brother often gives me a taste for Hawaiian pizza. Something he enjoyed while alive.

 I have not yet tested Clairtangency-which is the ability to receive messages by touching or holding an object of a deceased loved one.

  I deeply thank my clients who are so much more to me. We share a sacred space and walk together on this journey into wellness. This path has brought much joy to my life and I look forward to working with each and every person and spirit who chooses to make me a part of their healing process.