Home Clearing and Blessing


House Clearing Sage

When you feel negative energies in your home a home clearing may be in order. A home clearing includes a walk through each room smudging with the smoke of sage, rosemary or basil. Each room is cleansed in a clockwise direction with enhanced cleansing in dark corners or spaces where negative energies can hang out.

Once the clearing is complete an additional walk through will be done to add blessings to the space that has just been cleared. When we remove energy it needs to be replaced with a new positive energy to not allow room for the negative to return. You will decide your intention for the blessing. It may be love, wealth, health; whatever you are missing and desire to come to you. We will call in sacred spirits and or arch angels to work with us through this journey into home health.  We will seal the clearing and blessing in a central location of your home.


This can be done monthly at new moons as well, or anytime you feel the need to cleanse your space.


Prices begin at $150.00 For a standard sized home. Larger homes will have additional cost.