Policies and Code of Ethics


 Upon arrival to the office, please proceed to office door and give a quiet knock at the door. It may be that I need a few minutes, in which case I will ask you kindly to wait in the lobby for me to come get you. I will not come looking in the lobby for your arrival. I reserve the right to cancel if more than 15 minutes late for appointments. If we agree to proceed with appointment it will be for the remaining time allotted for your scheduled appointment at cost of the full service.

 I will do my best to return calls within 48 hours of receipt of your message. If we have a scheduled distant reiki or reading session it is your responsibility to call me at scheduled time as if you were coming into the office.

 I do not take walk ins at this time.


Code of Ethics


First and foremost and for all services offered by myself reiki, health coaching, intuitive readings, mandala healing sessions, any and all art sessions that may be offered now or in the future will ever be practiced with utmost respect for any advice of physicians, attorneys, therapist, psychiatrists, psychologists, or psychotherapist. My practices are meant to bring health and wellness alongside of any medical or legal practices already in place or sought after original meeting. I will always advise talking with medical or mental health professionals any item deeming worthy of expert medical advice. My services are to be used to enhance your quality of life along with your medical care being provided by your medical team. I will always work along with medical recommendations by your professional medical team. I will provide a means for your spirit to heal by bringing balance to your being. We will work together toward your best energetic well-being. Please only provide personal information you feel comfortable sharing while scheduling an appointment for my services. All information provided to me by you is confidential. I do not share information on any other website or publications. Every service provided will be done without bias to gender, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or color. My best effort will be put into every session to provide the best level of service of energy and or advice for wellness. However you are responsible for your own actions once you leave our shared space, whether it be in person, phone or video. How you choose to use the information provided is to your own discretion, as you are responsible for your actions. I reserve the right to refuse any client to whom I am not comfortable serving. Client has same right.