Reiki Session

Reiki Session

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Rei-Ki: Rei - Universal Life
Ki - Energy

Reiki is a flow of universal Life Energy available to all. A reiki session focusses on balancing the five main chakras (meaning-in Sanskrit disc or wheel).
This is a 60 minute session.  I am also available for distance Reiki sessions
as well, just inquire.

Let's work together?

This is how I can best Help you:

All of my gifts have brought me to this place of being able to multi-task when working with you. Sometimes this comes in spontaneously and spirit guides and channels information to bring healing right on the spot.



Kristi, has the ability to tap right my energy field and immediately start deciphering what the underlying issue is that needs to be worked on.

Rich Wright
Metro Detroit, MI

Kristi, walked into my office and I immediately said "where have you been? I have been waiting for you to come along and now we share the office together. She is truly gifted!

Deborah-The Motown Medium™
Pleasant Ridge, MI

Reiki and
Light Healing

are powerful modalities